Grünbeck's purity law: no scale, no rust, no dirt.

Sometimes, water's not so clear-cut. In those cases, ideas are needed to effectively get to grips with the troublesome particles: Ideas from Grünbeck. With our sophisticated methods, foreign matter like scale, rust and dirt are quickly eliminated. All that remains is water of the highest quality and the knowledge that you have done your pipe system a good turn, because foreign matter that isn't there in the first place can't do pipes any harm at all. Find out more about the little offenders that want to cloud our water.



Sometimes water has a brownish red colour. The culprit is often rust. It is possible that it entered the water naturally through iron being washed out of rock. However, there are many reasons to insist on rust-free water. Rust not only affects the taste of water, it can also form deposits, cause further rusting and eat holes in old metal pipes. Our Grünbeck water specialists have therefore developed solutions that filter rust with suitable water filters and rinse the pipes forcefully to ensure that rust doesn't stand a chance. However, our products are not just preventive. Up to a certain degree, they can also reverse existing rust damage.



Viruses and bacteria love dirty water, which is a potential haven and breeding ground for them. Filtering dirt out of the water is therefore also an indirect and important contribution to disinfection. Through filtration, the water becomes what it should be: good for us and our health. Dirt occurs in water more frequently than you think: for example as a result of building work or damage to the drinking water supply system. DIN 1988 therefore stipulates that filters are required for domestic water installations with metal and copper pipes and recommends them for plastic pipes. We have therefore developed efficient filter systems that remove all dirt from the water.



Water becomes hard as a result of too much calcium and magnesium. We make it soft again, and for good reason. When water is heated, the calcium and magnesium dissolved in the drinking water reacts with hydrogen carbonate to form calcium carbonate. The resulting scale is deposited on the pipes. This can make it more expensive to heat water, and can damage the pipe system for water supply. We therefore soften the water. Corresponding Grünbeck technologies also filter calcium carbonate out or add precisely dosed water treatment agents to the drinking water. Water therefore remains largely scale-free.