Water flows first, followed by electricity and heat.

If something gets too hot, it must be cooled down. Without cooling water, energy creation in power stations would therefore become much too hot a topic. However, water flows into the energy creation processes not just as cooling water. It is also used as boiler feed water. For these tasks, Grünbeck offers power station operators technologies for the filtration, partial and full demineralisation, dosing and degassing of process water. With a modular system design, water can be treated for power stations of very different sizes. We put all our energy into providing modern water treatment, so that modern energy supply remains safe and reliable.

Our contribution to reliable power station technology.

Cooling water is not just any old water. The same is true of boiler feed water. Energy-producing companies place extremely high demands on both types of water, because only water treated in a suitable way protects the complex technology used for energy creation against corrosion and deposits. Water treatment therefore becomes one of the many key elements ensuring the functionality of those systems in which we cannot really afford major functional disruptions.

Ever new challenges.


Today, an energy supply with as few disruptions as possible is essential for economic and day-to-day life in modern companies. And without treated water, it is scarcely conceivable, because treated water protects the sensitive technology and thus contributes to the smooth running of processes.

The teams of experts from Grünbeck encounter different water treatment situations at every power station location, because water is rarely the same: it differs for example in its hardness or the composition of substances dissolved in.

They therefore develop individual solutions for efficient water treatment in each project, which can include filtration, scale removal, demineralisation, degassing and conditioning of water for thermotechnical plants.

We deal with small power stations. And extremely big ones.

Every year, we complete numerous projects in the energy sector. And sometimes, the challenges in the small projects are almost as big as those in the large projects. We are happy to take on these challenges. And master them. We thus support our customers in the energy supply sector in the setup of modern power station technology.

And project size is not important. Our tasks include water treatment for small block modules and large power stations alike. We therefore design and build some systems with a water flow rate of one cubic metre per hour, and others with a rate of several hundred cubic metres/hour.