Get pure water easily and efficiently

Ultra-pure water for carefree purity in the heating circuit. When it comes to the initial filling and make-up water feed of heating systems, it is crucial to use optimally treated, fully demineralised water. This protects pipes, prevents malfunctions, saves heating costs and is "eco-logical".  

The mixed bed cartridges desaliQ:MB have been developed for the generation of ultra-pure water, and can be applied in the following areas:
• For full demineralisation of raw water of drinking water quality
• Full demineralisation during ongoing heating operation at max. 4 bar and 65 °C

An intelligent, interior distribution system makes sure that the water steadily flows through the desaliQ resin bag from bottom to top. The fully demineralised water is directed to the tank outlet via a collection element at the tank lid. Temperature-resistance pays off: With the desaliQ:MB9, the heating water can be treated even while the heating system is running!

Intuitive handling - easy and highly convenient
Thanks to the conductivity meter integrated in the system's cliQ lock, the remaining capacity of the special mixed bed resin can reliably be monitored. The sturdy plastic body and its low dead weight make filling the heating system even easier now.

  • Easy: cliQ lock to conveniently open and close the mixed bed cartridge
  • Efficient: Optimised flow for high filling capacity and optimum demi water capacity
  • Temperature-resistant: The desaliQ:MB is temperature-resistant up to 65 °C and an operating pressure of max. 4 bar
  • Flexible: desaliQ:MB – ideal for circulation water treatment and filtration, even during heating operation
  • Lickety-split: Resin portioned in a bag for a resin replacement in a matter of seconds – without any loose resin and dirt, even during the rehabilitation of heating systems

Installation requirements

Please observe local installation directives, general guidelines and technical specifications. Install the product free from:

  • Strong heat
  • Frost
  • Direct sunlight
  • Chemicals, dyes, solvents and their vapours

Scope of supply

• Mixed bed cartridge with conductivity meter
• Operation manual
• 2 Resin bags filled with mixed bed resin