thermaliQ safe

thermaliQ safe is a biodegradable concentrate that is free of heavy metals. It is used in closed heating systems to prevent corrosion and to stabilise the pH value. thermaliQ safe is designed for the conditioning of new or cleaned heating circuits. When using fully demineralised water, the criteria for a “low-salt operation” stipulated in the VDI guideline 2035 are met. The product stabilises the pH value of the heating water in the range defined in the VDI 2035. thermaliQ safe is also suitable for the conditioning of heating water for floor, wall or ceiling installations made of plastic pipes.

  • Corrosion protection for all materials
  • Stabilisation of pH value (approx. 8.5)
  • Non-dispersant clear heating water
  • Low increase of conductivity (approx. 60 - 80 µS/cm)

Environmental compatibility

thermaliQ safe is free of nitrite, phosphate and heavy metals. The system content can be discharged to the sewage system. The concentrated product must not get into the waste water in larger amounts, however.


Store the product in its genuine packing in a cool and frost-free place and protect it from light.

Safety information

The product is not a hazardous substance and therefore is not subject to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances.



For additional information on technical details, please refer to the product data sheet which is available for download.