Reverse osmosis system GENO®-OSMO-X – environmentally friendly drinking water demineralisation

The space-saving reverse osmosis system GENO®-OSMO-X is used to demineralise drinking water. The generated permeate is used in medical engineering or in the food and beverage industry. Via a fine filter incl. pressure reducer, the water reaches the high-pressure pump via the inlet solenoid valve. The pump speed can be set using a frequency converter so that the system-specific permeate capacity is achieved. The permeate recovery of the GENO®-OSMO-X is up to 80%. The GENO®-OSMO-X has an energy-saving mode of operation, can be connected to conventional BUS systems and is equipped with integrated data logging and a multilingual touch panel. AVRO technology can be used in preparation for the reverse osmosis.

  • Energy saving of up to 30%
  • Small amount of space required
  • Connection to conventional BUS systems
  • Automatic self-adjusting system operation
  • Online operation possible
  • AVRO technology possible

Installation requirements

The installation site must offer adequate space. The system may only be installed with the left side (pressure pipes) flush to a wall. It is important to observe an adequate distance (> 50 cm) in front of, behind and to the right of the system for installation and service work. Provide a foundation of a sufficient size and adequate load-bearing capacity. The required connections must be provided prior to the installation work. The installation of a reverse osmosis system represents a major intervention in the drinking water system. Therefore, only authorised experts may install such systems. The local installation directives and general regulations must be observed. The following must be installed upstream: Drinking water filter (e.g. BOXER®), system separator, water softener and activated carbon filter.

Scope of supply

  • Control unit with a 4.3" graphic touch panel to display the operating status and system values
  • Voltage-free contacts to relay advance warnings and safety shut-downs
  • Smart metering: Digital input for priority permeate production at times when the electricity tariff is favourable 
  • Fully automated monitoring and control of system parameters: permeate flow and conductivity, recovery, concentrate recirculation and pump frequency (depending on the water temperature).
  • Logging of measured data on integrated SD card
  • Networking option and remote control of upstream and downstream systems (softening, dosing, permeate tank, pressure boosting)
  • Power distribution with mains switch and circuit breakers as a central feed point for the power supply on-site
  • High-pressure centrifugal pump made of stainless steel 1.4401 to supply the reverse osmosis membrane(s)
  • Ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane(s) installed in a pressure pipe made of high-strength PE.
  • High-quality anodised aluminium system rack 
  • 5 µm drinking water filter incl. pressure reducer fully installed in the system feed


  • Drinking water filter BOXER® K 1“
  • Euro system separator GENO®-DK 2
  • Water softener Delta-p®
  • GENO®-softwatch Komfort
  • GENO® activated carbon filter AKF 500
  • GENO-STOP® 1"
  • Pure water tank 
  • Pressure booster system GENO®-FU-X 2/40-1 N
  • Pressure booster system GENO®-FU-X 2/40-2 N

For further information on installation requirements and accessories, as well as technical details, see the product data sheet, which is available to download.