Test devices and accessories – definition in accordance with DPD procedures

The water parameters should be tested at least once a week. This is necessary even if an automatic measurement and regulation system is used. A simple pool tester is available for this: The measured pH and disinfectant values are displayed on a colour scale. The digital test devices such as MD 4 in 1 or Scuba II are more user-friendly and precise: They do not use the visual colour comparison, which can lead to read-off inaccuracies. The water sample is tested in accordance with the photometric principle and the result is indicated on the digital display. A basic prerequisite for effective disinfection is that the pH value is adhered to.

Test devices support the analysis and safeguarding of water quality in swimming pools.

Test device MD 4 in 1: Photometer for determining following parameters

Digital test device Scuba II: electronic pool tester for swimming pool and whirlpool operators with exacting standards


  • For test device MD 4 in 1 and Scuba II
  • For test device Scuba+


  • Floating pool thermometer
  • Dosing float for GENO®-Chlor tablets or GENO®-Brom tablets

Bathing water safety package: Protective equipment for handling swimming pool care products, consisting of: Warning signs, mandatory and forbidden signs and information signs, chemical stickers, face mask, special gloves and pneumatic eyewash bottle

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