Floor inlet installation parts – for ideal water inflow

Floor drains for water inflow from the pool floor are recommended for pools with an overflow channel. A floor inlet nozzle should be installed every 6-8 m2. The required wall thickness is at least 250 mm. DN 80 connecting pipes should be laid. The pool shape must be taken into consideration here. The floor inlet can be flexibly designed with various installation parts.

Floor drain installation parts

  • DN 80 wall duct for floor inlet system: PVC installation part with two coupling bushes and a wall collar to seal the floor inlet system in the pool base
  • Inlet T-piece for floor inlet system: Inlet connecting piece designed as T-piece for receiving the threaded ring
  • Inlet connecting piece elbow 90° for floor inlet system: 90° elbow for installation at the end of the pipeline system. To receive the threaded ring
  • Floor inlet connecting piece – single duct: Suitable for pools with piping accessible from below. With connectors for adhesion of the threaded ring, sealing flange and coupling bush. Total length: 300 mm
  • Special spreadable flange for floor inlet system: Component for adhesion to the floor inlet connecting piece. Dimensions: 207 x 207 x 15 mm
  • Special threaded ring for floor inlet nozzle: The swivelling threaded ring is used to glue the inflow nozzle into the inlet connecting piece. Threaded connection: 1 1/2"

For further information on the product components, please see the price catalogue.