Nozzles – high-quality water inlet and suction

A wide range of nozzles made of high-quality materials support various pool-related functions such as intake and suction.

Inlet nozzle

Inlet nozzles are needed to ensure the even flow in a pool. The quantity depends on the pool size and shape. At a bore hole diameter of 18 mm, the flow rate is approx. 2-3 m3/ h.

  • Bore hole [mm] 4 x 8 and Ø 18 mm
  • Thread length 40 mm and 70 mm
  • Connection 2“ male thread
  • Also incl. flange with screws and 2 seals

Suction nozzle

A suction nozzle removes test water etc. from the pool. The basic element of the suction nozzle is made of PVC, and the cover is made of stainless steel. A flange set is available for the suction nozzle.

  • Connection: 2" male thread
  • Capacity 2.5 m3/h at 0.3 m/s
  • Flow speed in accordance with data sheet 60.03

Air outlet nozzle

Special outlet nozzle made of PVC with aeration to avoid gurgling sounds. With cover sieve and lateral bore holes for complete emptying of the channel.

  • Connections DN 40 and DBN 65


For further information on the product components, please see the price catalogue.