Grünbeck Forum: the place where water knowledge grows.

Knowledge about advanced water treatment is in a state of constant flux. Here in the Grünbeck Forum, we bundle this knowledge into a value source of expertise. In seminars, new technologies and innovative concepts are passed on to customers, partners, employees and trainees. The Grünbeck Forum makes an essential contribution to the quality and sustainability of our water treatment solutions.

Expert knowledge about all aspects of water.

“We wanted to build something special here.” Those were the words of the company management at the celebrations to mark the opening of the Grünbeck Forum in 2013. This institution, of a kind known nowhere else in the world, at the Grünbeck main location in Höchstädt an der Donau, sets standards in the communication of water knowledge and creates an excellent learning atmosphere. It is an important element in our responsibility towards people and nature.

An institution for a large number of industries.

Over 1,400 square metres, experts use the latest tools in the Grünbeck Forum to communicate knowledge to a wide range of industries: to the plumbing trade, plant manufacturing, the food and beverage industry, power plants and hygiene and health management. Installers, designers, engineering offices, wholesalers and our partners from local authorities, associations and industry enjoy visiting, and ensure a lively Forum that shapes the future.

Values are decisive - and not just pH-values.

In addition to knowledge, the values Grünbeck embodies are maintained and communicated in the Grünbeck Forum: responsibility for water as a foodstuff, high performance, quality, innovation, openness and transparency. In this respect, too, the Grünbeck Forum defines and communicates key content that goes beyond technology pure.