Regional focus

Sozialwerk Grünbeck e.V., set up by company founder Josef Grünbeck in 1995, supports people in need through no fault of their own, as well as projects worthy of support, preferably with a focus on water for charitable purposes* - at the head office and at Grünbeck locations. As a public charity, it is entitled to receive charitable donations and channel these into the company's own aid schemes, or into aid projects selected through earmarked donations. At the level of its own projects, Sozialwerk focuses in particular on Grünbeck employees and their families.

Employee volunteer work

The 20 people who volunteer at Sozialwerk Grünbeck are company employees. The social institution's management team consists of Achim Maneth, 1st board member, Erich Kapfer, 2nd board member, and their colleagues on the board, Maria Welz and Norbert Körber. The entire Sozialwerk team is dedicated to providing targeted help that eases the fate of those concerned.

Seriously ill children

In Bavarian Swabia, the government district in which the Grünbeck head office is located, Sozialwerk has long supported Bunter Kreis. For more than 20 years, this after-care establishment at Augsburg Children's Hospital has been looking after seriously and chronically ill children and children with cancer, as well as their families. The Bunter Kreis after-care concept, originally developed by affected parents in Augsburg, has since been adopted by many children's hospitals in the whole of Germany, and aims to provide help for self-help with a range of therapeutic measures.

Water feature

In the latest Bunter Kreis institution, pre-eminent in Germany, the “Ziegelhof” therapy centre in Stadtbergen, near Augsburg, Sozialwerk Grünbeck contributed to the financing of a water feature, a fountain for educational and therapeutic purposes. The fountain embodies the element of water - along with fire, earth and air, one of the four elements with which therapeutic pedagogy works. Within the therapeutic and educational services offered by the “Ziegelhof”, the therapy fountain, made of earth, stones and sand and carefully designed from a safety point of view, has many uses: When dry, it is a sandpit, with a flow of lukewarm water it is a mud and paddling pool in the summer.