Seminars and training courses: We transfer water knowledge.

Knowledge is a valuable treasure. It is the essential basis for technical innovation. And the basis for effectively using technical innovations to meet the legal requirements that serve to protect water and to convince customers of the benefits of the Grünbeck technologies. Discover here the seminars and training courses that provide this knowledge.

Our training areas

Event locations

We provide seminars and training courses across Germany. And no doubt in your region too. Here, find out which event locations are available to you. Events can be provided at customer premises if suitable facilities are available.


Our instructors are not just experts in their field, but also experts in communicating knowledge. It's this combination that makes them so good. They are employees from the main company in Höchstädt/Donau and field staff with many years of experience, who are involved in committees (e.g. FIGAWA, DVGW, ZVSHK) and can pass on the latest information. The subject of water deserves really good instructors. And you shouldn't settle for anything less.


Please register in writing or online. You will receive a confirmation from us in good time. If you are not able to attend, please cancel as quickly as possible.

Closing date for registration

For all seminars, the closing date for registration is 10 days before the seminar date.

Participation fees

If participation fees are charged, these are specified in the training programme. You will receive an invoice from us.

Technical presentations

We can also offer technical presentations on current topics at your premises at short notice.

Other costs

Accommodation costs must be paid by the participants themselves.