Take-back waste electrical appliances

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The environmentally sound, and resource-saving, disposal of waste electrical appliances

The treatment and disposal of discarded electrical appliances must be conducted in an environmentally sound manner and the resources they contain can be returned to the material cycle. To achieve these goals, WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) must be collected separately from the rest of the household waste and disposed of separately.

If this symbol (crossed-out wheelie bin) is on the product, this product or its electrical and electronic components must not be disposed of as household waste.

If your product contains batteries or rechargeable batteries, dispose of them separately from the product. Please delete the personal data stored on the waste device (if available) on your own authority.

Disposal of b2c waste electrical appliances

For the disposal of old electrical appliances from private households, or comparable waste appliances, you can use the collection points provided by the public waste disposal authorities and the take-back points provided by the distributors of electrical appliances in Germany. Please find out about the local regulations on the separate collection of electrical and electronic products.

Take-back of b2b waste electrical appliances

Grünbeck cooperates with Zentek Services GmbH & Co. KG for the disposal of waste electrical appliances used exclusively for commercial purposes in Germany. The company guarantees an environmentally responsible disposal that meets all legal requirements. Many local disposal companies are already Zentek partners.

If you want to dispose of a waste electrical appliance for use in the commercial sector, you can use the take-back option created by Grünbeck for this purpose. The prerequisite for this is that the waste electrical appliance is a Grünbeck product from a location in Germany, and was purchased from us, or one of our commercial partners, after August 2005.

To do so, please fill out the form linked below and send it to info@gruenbeck.de. You will then receive an offer for the disposal of your waste electrical appliance and can arrange an appointment for collection.

If you're interested in a new device, please contact our Sales Department. You will find the contact details here.