BEG (Federal Funding for

Efficient Buildings) funding

Up to 40 % funding for Grünbeck products

Saving energy is important. Not only for the environment, but also for your wallet. There are many ways to make homes and other buildings energy-efficient. In order to promote appropriate measures, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection has been offering the "Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings", or BEG for short, since 1 January 2021.

Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings (BEG)

The BEG consists of three sub-programmes:

  • Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings - Residential Buildings (BEG WG)
  • Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings - Non-residential Buildings (BEG NWG)
  • Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings - Individual Measures (BEG EM)


Within the BEG EM, selected Grünbeck products are also eligible under certain conditions:


Which Grünbeck products are eligible?

  • Water softeners softliQ
  • Water softeners Delta-p
  • Dosing systems exaliQ
  • Heating filling systems thermaliQ
  • Water filter pureliQ

The German Federal Government recently reacted to the current challenges of energy supply by making adjustments to the BEG funding programme.


BEG amendment as of 01.01.2023:

  • Grünbeck products still eligible for up to 40% funding.
  • The amount of the individual funding was slightly reduced in order to be able to approve more funding applications overall.