Our exclusive partner FC Augsburg

Sharing values, achieving success: Grünbeck's partnership with FC Augsburg

Achieving great things, inspiring people, delivering excellent results; these are the passions that characterise us at Grünbeck just as much as they do at FC Augsburg. You could almost believe that the two have always been closely connected. And their many similarities are no coincidence. Indeed, just like us, the famous club can look back on a long tradition where success was not given on a silver platter. On the contrary: They must have been hard-earned, with perseverance, creativeness and the constant will to win. 

Closely connected to the region.

Even today, when FCA is putting the fear of God into many a first division team, the club's roots are still palpable. He inspires with his down-to-earth attitude instead of airs and graces, and offers big games instead of big slogans. Like us, he is a motivating fighter for the region. This special spirit delights us and drives us to get involved with FCA. Not as a simple sponsor. But as an active, integrated partner, wherever FCA fascinates people with the "football" experience in the future. 

With team play in the 1st Service League.

Just like in the FCA eleven, experienced professionals and young players play alongside each other among our more than 700 employees. The same applies to those in the Grünbeck network, i.e. factory representatives, branch offices, as well as many specialised craft businesses throughout Germany. They fight enthusiastically for every point, grow in their performance and achieve brilliant results. That's why they play in the 1st Service League. Our partnership with FCA makes this leadership ambition more of an experience than ever.

Grünbeck technology makes players fit.

In some areas, the interaction between us and FCA began a long time ago. For example, our advanced water treatment technology has been a pivotal component of the first division football team's arena from the very outset. This means, for example, that the players can quickly get back into top form after a strenuous match and enjoy soft water "made by Grünbeck" in the relaxation pool.

Water stands for quality of life. As does football.

When Augsburg's football stadium becomes a powder keg within seconds, when a brilliant attack brings fans to their feet, football becomes an emotional thrill. Excellent water quality is just as inspiring. That's because it has a positive impact every day and creates a better quality of life. We and FCA are committed to ensuring that more people than ever feel this enthusiasm. It's what our heart beats for.