Jan Delay x Grünbeck

Jan Delay and Grünbeck

A combination that seems very unusual at first.

Hamburg Soul & Funk encounters Swabian engineering. A port city with a gateway to the world set against a picturesque landscape along the Danube. If you take a closer look at the two protagonists, the common denominator is quickly found. The element of water.

"I have water around me, water inside me. What did I say? Water is the King. Water inside me, water for the world! What can I say? Born in Hamburg, water comes from above, water comes from the front, water number one, nothing is that important."

- Jan Delay, using a self-quotation from the song "Wassermann."


"Water is a precious commodity, and making it available, in the best possible manner, is our daily mission. With Jan Delay, we have found a partner who, in his own style, can convey this message to the minds of many like no other".

- Dr Günter Stoll, General Manager of Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH.

Jan Delay x Grünbeck | WE MAKE IT HAPPEN.

As part of the collaboration between the artist and the company, Jan Delay and Grünbeck have produced a joint music video focusing on our most important resource - WATER!

"Together we are celebrating our most important element." (Quote from Joern Heitmann - Director)

“Water is No.1 for us“ (Quotation Jan Delay)

First insight into the work with Jan Delay

A first insight into the collaboration with Jan Delay is given by director Joern Heitmann, ZUP! Consultancy firm General Manager Harald Zickhardt, General Manager of Katapult Filmproduktion Ingo Georgi and Grünbeck Marketing and Communications Manager Matthias Wunn.


As far as Jan Delay is concerned, water is a human right. He has made this message clear in the past through cooperation with non-profit organisations such as Viva con Agua. Furthermore, he is known for his critical stance. This fits perfectly with the philosophy of our Grünbeck brand.


"What I like is simply that this is an exceptional company that does good things. It is understatement-like and, although they are actually market leaders in what they do, they don't make a big fuss about it. I think they, in turn, are passionate about what they do. And I think that's good. And I'm also passionate about what I do and so that could fit quite well."

– Jan Delay

Jan Delay Meets Grünbeck

In order to get to know the world of the WATER EXÈRTS up close and personal, Jan Delay, our new brand ambassador, set off on a long journey to the heart of Grünbeck in September 2022 - to our head office in Hoechstaedt.

Partnership is 100% commitment for us

What connects us

A successful partnership is based on trust, honesty and communication. We believe that this means being open and honest with each other. In doing so, directness and sincerity define the common denominator of the partnership. Anyone who knows Jan Delay knows about his honest and direct nature. This is exactly what we value and demand at Grünbeck. Pursuing a common goal and at the same time being critical and honest with each other.



"And now it is actually the first time that a company has approached me, and I've thought that this is somehow positive and a good thing. The product is good, what they're doing is good and, above all, the company is good and I can do something with it. And I can stand up there and say this is a good thing, this is easy to represent."

– Jan Delay

What connects us

We're hard to please and self-critical, questioning the status quo in order to make room for development. Being open to new ideas is the symbol of the partnership with Jan Delay. The uniqueness of such a partnership on both sides, and the curiosity that goes with it, is palpable. We share a great deal and the interest is immense. Grünbeck is looking forward to the time ahead and especially to the creative input and the artist's ideas.

"...it's exactly about me being able to say how it should be and that they trust me on this and that they don't want to have someone they have to tell what to do. And that’s exactly what I loved.”

– Jan Delay

Our goal

WE MAKE IT HAPPEN. - The easy way to excellent water quality.

Top hit, claim and brand promise at the same time. Grünbeck focuses more on the core of the brand. In addition to a higher brand awareness in the B2C segment, a more digital orientation and greater service orientation is also being pursued. Jan Delay as ambassador builds the bridge from the user's perspective.

"Water treatment doesn't have to be a dry topic. We are all directly or indirectly affected by it. With his groove, Jan conveys exactly the feeling we need for our brand, and the sanitary, heating and air-conditioning industry, to reach current and future target groups."

- Matthias Wunn, Marketing Manager of Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH.



"And this is where I come in wearing colourful suits. I don't know exactly how it will turn out yet, but it'll be exciting and also fun. It's not meant to be an "in-your-face" advertisement, but simply something that entertains you and is very tasteful. I can't give too much away at this point. But the content will definitely be entertaining and creative..."

– Jan Delay

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