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Many people appreciate our expertise. Our openness. Our pragmatism and our fascination for the element of "water". We are partners in many industries where pure water plays an important role. Many companies trust us because we understand the demands they place on our work. And because we provide knowledge and building blocks for a stable technological basis that optimises the processes associated with water. All partnerships with our customers from different industries are inspiring. For you. For us. They create solutions and ideas for new solutions. And are geared towards sustainable success.

How does industrial water treatment differ from private water treatment?

In the private sector, we talk about drinking water. In the industrial sector it is process water. In concrete terms, this means: While certain substances are added to, or removed from, tap water, the process water is treated primarily with regard to its characteristics. Feed water used in steam power plants is also called deionised water, i.e. pure water without any ingredients. If it is water for analytical purposes, it may only have very low conductivity.