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Efficient heating?

The right water makes the difference.

There are numerous rules for the treatment of heating water. And that's a good thing, because all components must fit together perfectly in a highly efficient heating system. Only then does it fully make the most of its enormous energy-saving potential. Optimally treated heating water is part of such a functioning system. Grünbeck is therefore developing technologies for fully demineralised heating water, which offers improved protection of the system against scaling and corrosion. Heating costs are reduced, the heating system is protected and its life cycle is extended. And last but not least, this is also a contribution to sustainable energy use that assumes responsibility for future generations. 

How reliable heating protection increases quality of life and success

Water is of crucial importance to human beings - when it bubbles from the shower head, serves as food or creates comforting warmth all over the house in the heating water circuit. We at Grünbeck assume responsibility for these values and as water experts provide you with our best technology. Especially with the 2-component system developed by Grünbeck, heating protection is easier and more efficient as never before. Furthermore, filling or treating the heating system with fully demineralised water using the mixed bed cartridge, desaliQ:MB, in combination with the reliable corrosion protection, thermaliQ safe, also meets the criteria for “low-salt operation“ in accordance with VDI 2035. The Grünbeck 2-component system for carefree heating protection, with no follow-up check whatsoever after 8 - 12 weeks.  

Why is the proper treatment of heating water and its protection so important?

  • System protection: Prevention of malfunctions in the heating system due to silting and corrosion 

  • Smart saving: Heating costs decrease and the system life cycle is prolonged 

  • Ecologically sound: sustainable use of energy 

  • Recommended by experts: Water parameters as per VDI 2035 (pH, conductivity) 

Grünbeck’s product series for heating protection

makes it easy for you to do the right thing

Grünbeck’s portfolio is diverse and covers every application. Regardless of whether a new system is being filled with heating water for the first time, or an existing system is to be renovated, the thermaliQ and desaliQ product ranges complement each other perfectly and meet all your needs. With Grünbeck heating protection products, you have exceptional technology that also demonstrates appreciation for your customers' property. This is because, our products, apart from all technical and legal requirements, also fulfil a key requirement for everyone: the desire for reliable consistency. Grünbeck recommends using fully demineralised water (= demi water) for the initial filling and make-up water feed of the heating circuit.

The desaliQ mixed bed cartridges are designed for this purpose, and by way of demi water, provide an optimum basis for a long product service life from your heating system. The dosing solutions for heating protection of the thermaliQ product group are the ideal products for the efficient cleaning and optimum protection of the heating circuit.

The positive side effect: The dosing solutions are biodegradable and free of heavy metals. In line with this, Grünbeck also added the thermaliQ filling group, treatment group and filling section to their portfolio. The products serve as a complete package for the protection of your drinking water and the full demineralisation of the water for your heating circuit. Grünbeck also offers specialist installers ideally matched tools for filling or the sanitation of heating systems, such as the desaliQ Inline control module. With these products in the desaliQ series, the heating water can be filtered, as well as demineralised, in the partial flow. Furthermore, a mobile reverse osmosis system with Grünbeck's patented AVRO process can be used to fill large heating systems with fully demineralised water.