Educational campaign

Education Campaign in schools

To expand basic knowledge on the subject of water treatment, we offer teaching materials for teachers or lecturers from vocational colleges and training centres, master craftsmen and technical schools, and technical colleges and universities on this page. Please fill out the following form and ensure you receive our exclusive water knowledge.

Just 3 steps to become a WATER-EXPERT®

  • Send your enquiry by e-mail to
  • Within 3 weeks you will receive the teaching material.
  • Your local WATER EXPERT® will also send you the teaching content in digital format.

Please provide us with the following information in your enquiry:

  • Number of folders for vocational schools and vocational training centres
  • Number of folders for master schools and technical schools
  • Number of folders for technical colleges and universities
  • Your educational institution's details
  • Complete address
  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address