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Good  water fascinates, tastes, nourishes, inspires. It is the treasure you can enjoy at home every day – a treasure that deserves to be protected with great care. This is what we from Grünbeck strive for with all our passion. And in our opinion, it should be as easy as possible for you to experience water at its best. This is why we develop innovative solutions with your particular requirements in mind. With filtration technologies that also meet your future needs; with systems that already please during installation and with services that produce water of utmost quality. Because where good water flows, life flows, too.

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Where there is life, clean water is essential. This is why Grünbeck commits to preserving the pureness of the water at their  numerous  locations all over the world. Find one of our many partners who work for our common goal.

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Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH: We are responsible for clean water.

Water is life. Preserving  its purity all over the world is an important contribution to the health and wellbeing of human beings. This is why Grünbeck produces  solutions that ensure a high water quality even in challenging environments. Water treatment has become more complex. Nowadays, it plays an important role in households, swimming pools and many industries. To us, this is a challenge that we gladly and successfully meet. 
Our products filter, demineralise and soften water, protect people  and machinery and meet the requirements of the most diversified fields of application. Households and businesses, service companies and partners in Germany and far beyond have been trusting in our trendsetting technologies for years.
To convince by innovations, this is the central theme in Grünbeck’s company history.  But we never reduce water treatment to the technical aspect alone. We rather view it as an essential contribution to the protection of our planet. With our innovations for pure and clean water, we have already developed solutions for sustainable economic management long before the term “sustainability” became generally known.
This kind of commitment is based on the successful teamwork of all of Grünbeck’s employees. Together, we assume responsibility for clean water; together, we work on new, progressive alternatives to reach this goal. And each and every single member of the team is important to us. Hence, we are united in a social partnership that gives us the opportunity to acquire personal assets such as a share in the company. We support our “WATER MASTERS” with trainings and with regards to sales activities. By doing so, we create an atmosphere in which all our partners and employees share our great fascination for water. 
We also want to share this fascination with our customers  and raise their awareness of  the enormous  importance water has for the life on this planet. For we all share the responsibility to protect and conserve the water on this planet and to use it in a sustainable way.