Packaging take-back

Typically Grünbeck

Top performance, little packaging.

Our contribution to supplying people with clean water is our ultimate goal. But it's not the only one. We understand responsible corporate action holistically. That's why we also check how we use as little packaging as possible in all areas of the company. Moreover, we also offer our customers relief in dealing with the remaining packaging material. With our free disposal service.

Professional disposal by professional hands.

We comply with the obligations of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG) and inform you, as our customer, of the return options for the packaging placed on the market by us:



Return options for end consumers (b2c):

  • Sales packaging that typically occurs at the private end consumer can be disposed of at the collection points of the public waste authorities (e.g. via the blue (paper waste)/yellow (recyclable waste) waste bin or bag).
    Packaging that does not typically occur at the private end consumer can be disposed of at distributor take-back points.
  • Sales packaging of hazardous products are, for example, completely empty containers with certain hazardous substance markings on the product label. These can be returned at distributor take-back points. For Grünbeck maintenance customers, the return of such packaging can, in reasonable quantities, also take place within the scope of maintenance.


Return options for tradesmen (b2b)

Grünbeck offers tradesmen the option to return certain sales and outer packaging, transport packaging or sales packaging of hazardous products free of charge via a professional disposal company in Germany, which is Zentek Services GmbH & Co. KG. The company ensures ecologically responsible disposal that meets all legal requirements (see ZENTEK certificate).

Please note the required minimum quantities as well as other prerequisites for a return. You will find these in ZENTEK’s information on the return of transport packaging in the download area below.

With the professional disposal, we ensure that the above-mentioned packaging does not end up in the residual waste, but that valuable resources are returned to the material cycle. By returning the packaging, environmentally sound recycling in accordance with the requirements of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG) can be ensured and, in addition, compliance with the recycling requirements can be achieved.