Water treatment protects equipment, pipes and, above all, people.

Imagine your day-to-day life without clean water. No water for your morning coffee or tea, for the washing machine, for a shower or for cooking. We all need pure water, and so do industries such as beverage manufacturers or energy producers. Pure water is essential. And no-one has to do without it. Thanks to modern water treatment, you can be certain that the drinking water from the tap is healthy, and will remain so. That water protects pipes and equipment in homes and companies. And that it is perfect for bathing. There's no doubt that clean water raises the standard of living. And water treatment ensures clean water.

Water treatment creates confidence.

You turn on the tap and drink. Without giving it a second thought. Your children use water to clean their teeth. You give the dog water, and water the flowers. And you don't think for a moment whether the water could be harmful. Why? Because it isn't harmful. It is clean water, not red from rust, and not contaminated by germs. This is achieved through water treatment by the water supplier, who supplies chemically, biologically and hygienically safe water to the home.

Additional water treatment may be necessary if the water in the building runs through old pipe systems, from which rust particles or dirt could enter the drinking water supply. In this case, building services for water treatment filter out everything that does not belong in the tap water. However, this isn't the only reason for treating water.

Not all healthy water is necessarily good water.

Water is H2O, but not just that. It transports substances such as salts, magnesium, iron or calcium. Some of these additional substances are desirable. Others at least pose no risk to human health. But completely healthy, harmless water that tastes good is not automatically good water. If the water is too hard, it can affect the pipes and equipment. In this case, water treatment prevents the often harmful build-up of scale and ensures a long life for all elements of the water supply systems and connected equipment.

Grünbeck water treatment has many facets.

Grünbeck develops solutions for water treatment that disinfect, soften and filter water or add beneficial substances. We supply products suitable for water treatment for small households through to large companies. And whatever we supply: You can rely on all our products. They protect not only equipment and pipes. Above all, they protect human health.