Soft water that inspires

The Grünbeck softliQ:SD water softeners

softliQ:SD model overview


The new 4.3" offers optimum ease of use and is fun to operate. Apart from the easy, intuitive start-up, the clear user interface offers provides you with a full overview. You can call up and adjust all your system’s information in real time. Clear display representations and animations illustrate your system data. For convenient clarity in terms of design and function.


Thanks to your system’s app connection to Grünbeck myProduct, you can easily register your device. The app offers you even more control and operating functions than before. You can access and control your system’s data and operating mode on the move and in real time all over the world. Not only current data but your system’s history as well is being stored for you in your personal Grünbeck Cloud. The integration of your system takes placed via your own Wi-Fi or alternatively via your LAN connection.


Your system’s green illuminated LED ring communicates various operating states of the system and alerts you to messages

Looking ahead

The internal infrared light sensor checks the level of the regeneration salt during each regeneration. You can view the current salt level in the Grünbeck myProduct app. You will be informed about a salt shortage at an early stage via push message or e-mail.


The water sensor* integrated in your softliQ system provides you with even more safety. It monitors the system location and detects potential water leaks. Thanks to the app connection, you will be informed immediately - even when you are on the move. For the safety you deserve.


Your softliQ systems stands for connectivity all along the line. Grünbeck has created communication interfaces that intelligently interconnect your system with your home. Not only do you have the option to integrate your water softener into your home network via Wi-Fi or LAN but you can also connect it with other Grünbeck systems. The innovative interface iQ Comfort specially developed for you and located at the rear of the system serves this purpose. Now, your Grünbeck systems communicate with each other and you will receive information on the system via app - all over the world and in real time.

Getting an idea of what makes your water valuable.

To Grünbeck, water softening is not simply a process. By taking the hardness out of the water, we give it something really precious: The power to improve your quality of life. And to maintain the value of your home. Our experts incessantly continue to further develop well-proven technology to make the most our of our water for you. With the innovative softliQ:SD water softeners, we open up new worlds of soft water for you.

Find the right softliQ for your needs:

Application recommendation Up to 4 people Up to 9 people Up to 12 people
Salt supply 35 kg 35 kg 35 kg
Soft-close function
Colour touch display 4.3"
Wi-Fi function
Control unit via Grünbeck myProduct - App
Illuminated LED ring
Salt level indicator
Water sensor
iQ Comfort interface (2x)
LAN interface
Connection for delivery pump for regeneration water
Drain connection included
Insulation set included
Separation of salt tank and technology
5 different operating modes

softliQ:SD23 – Your leader in terms of design and performance.

The water softener softliQ:SD23 (Application recommendation: 1 to 12 people) softens water according to the water consumption. The system capacity is automatically adapted to the individual water consumption of the user. A continuous supply of soft water is always guaranteed When at least 50% of the current system capacity is used up, the softener regenerates once a day at a time when no water is required. The softliQ:SD23 system operates according to the ion exchange principle and features a fully automatic control unit, as well as a wear-optimised control valve. Based on the set raw water hardness and the water withdrawals, the water softener adapts to the conditions prevailing on site. Technical intelligence ensures efficient softening with the lowest salt consumption. The comfort mode is factory set. In case of significant fluctuations in the water consumption, however, it is possible to switch to the Power Mode. The system is operated via the integrated colour touch display or via Grünbeck's myProduct app.

Grünbeck for your smartphone or tablet

Simply take us with you when you're out and about. Our planning app provides Grünbeck's comprehensive planning and product information on your smartphone or tablet. It also offers you a practical calculation programme for water softeners, with which you can quickly and easily compare the operating costs of the different models. The convenient myGrünbeck app, with checking and operating functions, is available for the water softeners in the softliQ series. This allows you to easily control your system by remote control. At any time.

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Technical specifications

18 21 23
Nominal flow at a pressure loss of 1.0 bar KV-value (DIN EN 14743) [m³/h] 1.8 2.1 2.3
Nominal flow at a pressure loss of 1.0 bar, from a raw water hardness of 20 °dH (3.56 mmol/l) to a soft water hardness of 8 °dH (1.42 mmol/l) [m³/h] 3.0 3.5 3.8
Application recommendation by Grünbeck from ... to ... people 1 - 4 1 - 9 1 - 12
Operating weight [kg] 65 69 73
Shipping weight [kg] 22 24 26
Dimensions (w x h x d) [mm] 360 x 815 x 430 360 x 815 x 430 360 x 815 x 430
Height with open cover [mm] 1,060 1,060 1,060
Order no. 189 100 189 200 189 300