For clean drinking water: we supply the suppliers.

At Grünbeck, we have immense respect for the work done by water suppliers worldwide. They are responsible for providing numerous people with an uninterrupted supply of drinking water that satisfies strict requirements and is hygienically safe. And we are proud that many renowned companies from this industry see us as their partner and trust in our water treatment technologies. We provide products for water supply and private water supply for systems that provide water: to a handful of people through to many thousands. And we also support aid workers in disaster areas with decentralised systems for water treatment. Our sights are set high: drinking water for all. But we know it's possible.

The rules and regulations relating to drinking water are strict. And that's the way it should be.

It must be clear. Colourless. And odourless. The German Drinking Water Ordinance defines very high standards for drinking water quality. So that everyone, everywhere in Germany, is supplied with drinking water that is fresh and can be enjoyed without qualms. With our customers from the water supply sector, we build the systems that treat drinking water so that it fully meets all the specifications of the Drinking Water Ordinance.

We support water suppliers in the design, construction and maintenance of their water supply systems, using technologies for the exact dosing of important additives, and fine and ultrafine filters that remove all unwanted substances from the water. We therefore reduce – if necessary – iron, manganese, nitrate and other substances in the water to quantities significantly below the respective limit values. And thanks to special membrane systems, we even filter viruses and bacteria out of the water. The water runs through our systems until nothing is left but pure and fresh drinking water.

We can also be found in places where things are particularly difficult.

Like the Drinking Water Ordinance for Germany, the WHO Guidelines define drinking water requirements for the whole world. As a global company, our goal is for all people to be supplied with sufficient quantities of clean drinking water. We are aware that every drinking water project can vary greatly from all those that have gone before. In each project, we therefore reassess in conjunction with the customer where we can use tried-and-trusted standard components, and where we need to develop completely new solutions.

We build both small and large systems for local water supply. And we are also on the scene when rapid aid is required in the aftermath of disasters, to provide a water supply for survivors. Together, let us do what needs to be done. Because we are people. And because we believe that all people have a right to clean drinking water.