BOXER RDX - Backwash filter with pressure reducer.


Product Data Sheet

Operational Manual​​​​​​​


The backwash filters BOXER RDX are designed for the filtration of drinking water. The backwash filter BOXER RDX with pressure reducer in addition is suitable for adjusting the outlet pressure on the withdrawal side. The filters can be used for positive pressure and negative pressure applications. The adjustment of the outlet pressure on the withdrawal side, however, only works when applied in the positive pressure range. The backwash filters BOXER RDX are designed according to the stipulations of DIN EN 13443-1 and DIN 19628 and are intended for installation into drinking water pipes according to DIN EN 806-2 (installation immediately downstream of the water meter).
They protect the water pipes and connected water-carrying system parts from disturbances and corrosion damage due to undissolved impurities (particles), such as rust particles, sand, etc. The unfiltered drinking water flows into the filter from the inlet side and then from the outside in through the filter element and to the pure water outlet. Thus, foreign particles of > 100 μm in size are retained.
Depending on their size and weight, the foreign particles either stick to the filter element or they fall straight down into the filter cylinder.
The drain is opened by turning the backwash handwheel as far as it will go, and a backwash process is started. The water flows through the primary screen to the filter element and then flows through the filter element in reverse direction of standard filtration. Particles sticking to the filter element are detached and washed out to the drain.
We recommend performing a backwash every two months. In case of  backwash filter BOXER RDX with pressure reducer, the outlet pressure on the withdrawal side can, in addition, be set to 1 – 6 bar (factury setting 4 bar) by means of the flow-optimised pressure reducer designed according to DIN EN 1567.

  • Connection flange including water meter screw connections made of dezincification-resistant brass with gaskets and stainless steel screws.
  • Filter element made of stainless steel mesh.
  • Maintenance ring to set the next maintenance date (backwash).
  • Ergonomic handwheel for easier activation of backwash.
  • Transparent blue filter cylinder can be screwed by hand .
  • Drain connection DN 50 according to DIN 1717 for connection to a drain pipe with integrated outlet.
  • The BOXER RDX features a flow-optimised pressure reducer with pressure gauge, integrated in the filter head, by which the outlet pressure on the outlet side can be adjusted and indicated.
  • All water contacting parts comply with the German Drinking Water Ordinance. 
  • Test regulations: KTW, DVGW W 270, DIN 50930-6.
  • All materials are recyclable.

Installation requirements

Observe local installation directives, general guidelines and technical specifications.
The installation site must be frost-proof and ensure the filter's protection from chemicals, dyes, solvents, vapours and direct sunlight.
The installation site must be easily accessible for maintenance purposes.

Scope of supply

  • Backwash filter with connection flange
  • Water meter screw connection
  • Gaskets
  • Operation manual
  • Pressure reducer cartridge
  • Pressure reducer