Treatment group thermaliQ:HB2: Fully demineralised water – quickly and conveniently

The treatment group thermaliQ:HB2 is designed for the full demineralisation of water of drinking water quality for the easy and quick initial filling or make-up water feed of heating circuits. The filling cartridge desaliQ:HB2 is already included in the scope of supply and safely enclosed in the white plastic cylinder. The integrated conductivity measuring cell thinks for you and reliably monitors the water quality. In case of a conductivity of less than 10 μS/cm, the green LED flashes, between 10 – 50 μS/cm the yellow LED flashes and from 50 μS/cm, the red LED signals that the full demineralisation unit needs to be replaced. The treatment group is complemented by a shut-off valve as well as vent valves. With Grünbeck, you always make the right choice as the treatment group is compatible with all other Grünbeck mixed bed cartridges. By means of the desaliQ connection adapter, these can be connected without any problem. Furthermore, the treatment group is a retrofitting option for existing filling groups.

  • Intelligent: Reliable monitoring of the water quality by means of conductivity measuring cell
  • Convenient: Filling cartridge desaliQ:HB2 already included in the scope of supply
  • Compatible: All Grünbeck mixed bed cartridges can be connected
  • Safe: The filling cartridge desaliQ:HB2 is protected by a plastic cylinder