GENO®-DK 2 – system separator with nominal connection diameter 15-50

GENO®-DK 2 (nominal connection diameter DN 15-50) are system separators according to construction design BA of DIN EN 12729. The system separator,is a safety device to be installed in water pipes if special with drawal points or appliances are connected to the drinking water supply. The Euro-system separator prevents the back-flow, back-pressure and backsuction of modified drinking water into the drinking water network. They can, as per DIN EN 1717, be used to protect vulnerable drinking water plants and systems up to and including hazard class 4 and replace pipe separators EA 1 and EA 2. GENO®-DK 2 are made of brass up to dimension R 1¼", and red bronze as of dimension R 1½". The safety devices are suitable for operating temperatures of up to 65°C at PN 10 bar. They work according to the 3-chamber system, subdivided into an inlet pressure zone, central pressure zone and rear pressure zone. When the pressure is released, the central pressure zone is pressure-free and is opened to the atmosphere. The system separators have, among other things, water inlet and outlet connecting pieces, water meter screw connections, non-return valves and connection pieces for inspection pressure gauges.

Advantages of the system separator GENO®-DK 2

  • Nominal connection diameters 1/2" up to 2"
  • Nominal pressure PN 10 bar
  • Nominal flow: up to 21 m³/h
  • Test connections
  • Horizontal installation
  • DVGW/SVGW-certified

Installation requirements

Please note local installation directives, general guidelines and technical specifications of the Euro system separator. The installation site must be accessible for maintenance work, flood and frost-proof and ensure that the system is protected from chemicals, dyes, solvents and vapours. As per DIN 1988 and DIN EN 1717, the system separator has to be protected from impurities by means of appropriate devices such as a fine filter. If there is chance that deposits might come free of the pipes, the fine filter must be installed directly upstream of the system separator.

Scope of supply

Euro system separator, ready for installation and operation, with screw connections, flat seals and operation manual , packed in a cardboard box.

For further information on installation requirements and scope of supply, as well as technical details, see the product data sheet, which is available to download.