GENO®-softwatch Komfort – monitors water hardness

GENO®-softwatch Komfort is a fully automated analysis device for monitoring residual/total hardness in the water. It is installed in a branch of the soft water pipe. The main components of the automatic water analysis system are the photometric measuring chamber with receptacle and non-wearing stirring device, the dosing unit for the indicator and the control electronics. The different measuring parameters and measuring ranges are determined by the choice of indicators. Automatic monitoring of the measuring chamber, lack of water and turbidities provides you with a range of analysis and control options. A visual alert is provided when a limit value is exceeded or not reached; you also have the option of implementing an acoustic alert. The device is approved for operation without constant supervision.

  • Fully-automated analysis device
  • Definition of measuring range by selecting the indicator
  • Function monitoring in the event of lack of indicator
  • Automatic monitoring of measuring chamber/lack of water/turbidities
  • Approved for operation without constant supervision

Installation requirements

If the system is used to monitor the residual and total hardness, high amounts of heavy metal ions in the softened water may have a negative impact on the colour reaction. Good prerequisites for the analysis are:

  • pH 4-10.5
  • Iron < 3 mg/l
  • Copper < 0.2 mg/l
  • Aluminium < 0.1 mg/l
  • Manganese < 0.2 mg/l
  • Acid capacity KS4.3< 5 mmol/l

In the event of a concentration of more than approx. 100 mg/l CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the water, the free carbon dioxide must be removed. Please note local installation directives, general guidelines and technical specifications. 

Scope of supply

Fully automated water analysis system GENO®-softwatch Komfort consisting of:

  • System housing
  • Control electronics with LED display and operating keys
  • Integrated automatic flushing
  • Photometric measuring chamber with non-wearing stirring device
  • Dosing unit for the indicator
  • Connection technology

For further information on installation requirements and scope of supply, as well as technical details, see the product data sheet, which is available to download.