Water test kits – exact measurement of water values

With water test kits, you can determine individual parameters of the water on site. One tool for this is the analysis case. It is available in task-specific case variants for heating systems and steam boilers, and as an analysis case for pH value, conductivity and total hardness. The latter is available with or without an analysis tool for molybdenum. With water test equipment, you can measure parameters of the drinking water such as total hardness, carbonate hardness, chlorine and pH value as well as many other components of the water. Values in the heating and boiler feed water can also be determined, such as hardness B for soft water, hardness with GENO®-plex B and the pH value with measurement strips.

Drinking water

  • Determination of total hardness
  • Determination of carbonate hardness
  • Water test kit for chlorine and pH value
  • Nitrate determination (0-500 mg/l)
  • Iron determination (measuring range: 0.01-0.2 mg/l and 0.25-15 mg/l)
  • Manganese determination (measuring range: 0.03-0.5 mg/l)
  • Peroxide determination (0.5-25 mg/l and 100-1000 mg/l)
  • Silica determination
  • Chlorine dioxide determination
  • Combined measuring device for pH and conductivity incl. calibrating solution

Heating water, boiler feed water

  • Hardness determination B for soft water
  • Hardness determination with GENO®-plex B
  • pH measurement strips
  • Combined measuring device for pH and conductivity incl. calibrating solution
  • Water test kit for molybdenum
  • Hardness, p and m value
  • Ortho-phosphate content
  • Sulphite content
  • Oxygen

Analysis case

  • Heating analysis case
  • Steam boiler analysis case
  • Analysis case for pH value, conductivity, total hardness and molybdenum