Accessories – relax with water features

Massage pulse nozzle for counter-current unit

With its nine vibrating air/water jets, the massage pulse nozzle provides an intermittent wide-area and back massage. It can be used in the counter-current units G 1 rondo, G 3 rondo and G 3S rondo.

Aerating element

The aerating element can be used as a bubble-jet recliner or in a concrete whirlpool. The required air volume per element is approx. 20 m3/h. Recommendation: install three aerating elements per recliner area. Fan SD 5 is available as an accessory for the aerating system.

Cobra cascade shower

The Cobra cascade shower can be put together individually from a range of components. The accessories include suction connecting piece in acc. with DIN EN 13451, pressure wave switch, pump kit and switch box for the attraction pump. The max. flow volume is 50 m3/h at a flow speed of 0.5 m/s

For further information on the product components, please see the price catalogue.