Open innovation.

Knowledge shared is knowledge doubled. Therefore, the know-how and the contributions of our suppliers, customers, external partners and vigilant consumers are highly important to us. The  vivid and permanent exchange of opinions, experiences and know-how considerably advances our development of innovations. This strategy has many advantages – for our customers and partners as well as for our us as a company. We minimise flop rates and ensure the further development and optimisation of water treatment products. Together we are working on our goal to make water of excellent quality accessible to everybody.

Knowledge creates future.

Creating awareness for the responsible and conscientious handling of our most valuable resource – this is what our motives “creating quality of life” and “maintaining values" stand for. We are convinced that the advancement of research, development and education in the field of „water treatment“ is an essential element in order to accomplish this goal. 
In our newly established series of lectures "symposium understanding water" experts talk about progress, visions and opportunities in this sector. One main issue in this context is to present the latest technical developments and optimised processes and to discuss them.