Safeguards for the company

Borne by the desire to preserve the life's work of her husband Josef Grünbeck, namely his company, and at the same time to safeguard the location and jobs, Loni Grünbeck set up the “Loni and Josef Grünbeck Foundation” in 2010. The institution pursues solely and directly charitable and benevolent goals. The foundation also holds majority non-saleable shares in the Grünbeck company, and therefore plays an important role in securing the company's future.

Water treatment in focus

The foundation's goal focuses on Grünbeck's core business activity: water treatment. The foundation therefore primarily promotes research, development and education in the field of water treatment. The foundation also helps the company's employees and citizens who live in the town where the company is based, Höchstädt a. d. Donau, who are experiencing health or financial problems. Specifically this targeted support of people in their direct vicinity was always a matter close to Josef and Loni Grünbeck's hearts.

The foundation's executive board includes the directors Dr. Günter Stoll and Sven Suberg. The board of trustees, which advises and supports the board, consists of the members of the Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH advisory committee.

Foundation goal

  • Promote science and research, particularly in the field of water treatment
  • Promote schooling, adult education and vocational education, including aid for students, in particular for training and education in the field of water treatment and related disciplines and research areas