Germ-free drinking water in motor homes and caravans

with the clearliQ travel

The Grünbeck clearliQ travel

Tap water does not have the same high quality everywhere as it does in Germany. If it is contaminated, chlorinated or if there are doubts about its cleanliness, for example abroad, motor home and caravan travellers often buy water in bottles or canisters to be on the safe side. The clearliQ travel water filter from Grünbeck, the water treatment specialist, saves making this effort and always ensures clean, germ-free and odourless water on board.

With the new water filter, motor home and caravan travellers not only get the best drinking water quality worldwide. They also reduce the burden on their wallets and the environment by dispensing with plastic bottles and canisters. In addition, the filter works completely chemical-free, yet the system removes 99.99 percent of bacteria, coarse dirt such as sand or suspended matter, as well as odours.

The filter is installed behind the fresh water tank, ensuring that even if the tank becomes contaminated, clean drinking water always gushes out of the tap or shower head - up to 250 litres per hour. Thanks to the particularly long-lasting filters, cartridges only have to be replaced every 5,000 litres or every six months. No tools are required for this.


The clearliQ travel filter system when installed

The clearliQ travel can be retrofitted in practically all motor homes, camper vans and caravans without any specialist skills - even in confined spaces. It measures only 170 x 300 x 125 mm (w x h x d).

Operating principle

Filtration in two steps

In the cartridge, a combination of different types of filters ensures excellent cleaning without causing any significant pressure loss in the system. In the first step, the activated carbon filter cleans the water of turbidity, suspended matter and odours. Then the specially developed hygiene element removes bacteria using the selective membrane process. 

Intended use

  • Intended for the filtration of cold drinking water.
  • It produces hygienic fresh water in your caravan and motor home.
  • Not suitable for:
    The production of drinking water from well water, waste water, river water or rainwater
  • Not suitable for:
    The use of hot water

clearliQ travel is available in the Hymer original parts shop.