Quality of life in its purest form: Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung

Good water tastes great, protects, nourishes and saves money!

  • Protects lines & household appliances
  • Makes tea and coffee a more enjoyable experience
  • Reduces soiling and scale deposits
  • Cares for skin and hair
  • Makes your laundry softer and more comfortable to wear
  • Reduces washing powder consumption & saves on heating costs

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With all Grünbeck water softeners you can benefit from the delight of soft water. We have developed different sizes for your different requirements.


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Transparent like a glass of pure water: Our knowledge section.

In our knowledge area you'll find information, images and facts on all topics related to water treatment. BECOME A WATER EXPERT®!


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We are Grünbeck

With our products and solutions we aim to satisfy our customers' needs, namely to maintain the value of capital goods and to preserve their quality of life and health. Water treatment contributes to increasing your quality of life and to maintaining the value of your home. Grünbeck places great value on efficiency and quality.


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Wherever there is life, clean water is essential. That's why Grünbeck is committed to preserving the purity of water at many locations around the world. Find one of our many partners who are working with us towards this goal.