Effective dirt filtration

The Grünbeck GENO-mat filter systems

GENO-mat filter systems

KF-Z | MS-Z | AK-Z | TE-Z | MN-Z

GENO-mat filter systems are used for dirt filtration when an unusually high dirt content makes filtration by means of cartridge filters or backwash filters impracticable. Each system consists of a plastic filter container with an internal distribution system. The filling with filter material differs depending on the process. The filter systems are each equipped with a central control valve with operating and flushing function, incl. time control and power supply cable. Prior to the sale, a consultation with Grünbeck is necessary and a water analysis is required.

  • GENO-mat KF-Z:
    The gravel filter system cleans with sand filter (quartz gravel)  through mechanical impurities.
  • GENO-mat MS-Z:
    The multi-layer filtration system achieves a higher degree of cleaning efficiency for mechanical impurities with multi-layer filtration.
  • GENO-mat AK-Z:
    The activated carbon filter system dechlorinates and provides odour and taste improvements.
  • GENO-mat TE-Z:
    The deacidification system is used for partial deacidification and calcium carbonate hardening in soft and acidic waters.
  • GENO-mat MN-Z:
    The demanganisation system is a fully automatic filter system for the reduction of dissolved and undissolved manganese for private water supply systems.