Reliable residual demineralisation

The Grünbeck systems GENO-EDI-X for electrodeionisation

Electrodeionisation GENO-EDI-X

Residual demineralisation according to reverse osmosis

GENO-EDI-X systems function as a process step for residual demineralisation (polisher) after a GENO-OSMO reverse osmosis. A conductivity of up to 0.055 µS/cm can be achieved. Electrodeionisation (EDI) is electrochemical demineralisation and a process-based combination of electrodialysis and ion exchanger. The EDI module consists of ion-selective membranes and regenerative ion exchange resins sandwiched between two electrodes. DC voltage applied to the poles forces the ions to migrate according to their charge, at the end of which there is demineralised water. The various EDI system models have maximum diluate capacities of 100 l/h to 2,700 l/h.



  • GENO-EDI-X on a system rack 
  • Little space required 
  • Bus-compatible MSR-tronic control unit with graphic display