Best partial demineralisation

The Grünbeck nanofiltration system NANO-X ion selector

The nanofiltration system ion selector NANO-X is designed for the partial demineralisation of raw water whose composition complies with the quality requirements of the German TrinkwV (German Drinking Water Ordinance).


The nanofiltration system ion selector NANO-X works according to the membrane process. In the selection process, aqueous solutions of different concentrations are separated by a nanofiltration membrane. The special feature of the nanofiltration process is that a distinction between monovalent and multivalent ions can be made, i.e. monovalent ions can pass through the membrane to a high extent while salts with multivalent ions are retained.

A particular advantage of the nanofiltration technology is the fact that - apart from the removal of dissolved salts - bacteria, germs and dissolved organic substances are reduced as well.


  • • Recovery of up to 80 % (depending on the water analysis)
  • 2,400 l/h, only requiring the space of one Euro palette
  • Frequency-controlled high-pressure pump
  • Easy operation and start-up
  • Interconnection with common BUS systems
  • Integrated data logging
  • Multi-lingual touch panel
  • Automatic, self-regulating system operation
  • Nominal pressure PN 16
  • Power supply 400 V, 50/60 Hz