Safe water supply

The Grünbeck pressure booster system GENO-HR-X

The GENO-HR-X pressure boosting system supports the low-noise water supply of small and medium-sized distribution networks in buildings with raw water, softened and partially demineralised water from reverse osmosis systems.

Pressure booster system GENO-HR-X

Automatic, safe water supply

The pressure booster system operates automatically, controlled by means of pressure and flow controllers. Start and stop functions of the pump are controlled by the actual water withdrawal. A low-on water protection is integrated. The info display and a voltage-free fault signal output provide information on the operating status. Normal-priming, multistage horizontal centrifugal pump(s) is/are mounted on an aluminium frame equipped with, among other things, pump control, pressure gauge, non-return valves, as well as shut-off valves.



  • Automatic control
  • Power supply 230 V/50 Hz
  • Protection IP 55
  • Medium/ambient temperature 5-40 °C/5-40 °C