Environmentally friendly drinking water demineralisation

The Grünbeck reverse osmosis system GENO-OSMO-X

The reverse osmosis system  GENO-OSMO-X is designed for the demineralisation of water whose composition complies with the quality requirements of the German Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV).

Reverse osmosis system GENO-OSMO-X

The space-saving GENO-OSMO-X reverse osmosis system is used for the demineralisation of drinking water. The permeate produced is used in medical technology or the food and beverage industry. Via a fine filter, incl. pressure reducer, the water reaches the high-pressure pump via the inlet solenoid valve. The pump speed can be adjusted via a frequency converter so that the system-specific permeate output is achieved. The permeate recovery of the GENO-OSMO-X is up to 80 %. The GENO-OSMO-X is energy-saving, can be connected to common BUS systems and is equipped with integrated data logging and a multilingual touch panel. AVRO technology can be used in preparation for reverse osmosis.


  • System recovery up to 80 % → less waste water
  • Energy saving up to 30 % → high-efficiency motor
  • Little space required
  • Interconnection to common BUS systems optional 
  • Web link and emailing for 24-hour overview
  • Integrated data logging
  • Smart metering
  • Automatic, self-regulating system operation →  maximum process safety
  • Patented AVRO technology can be used for pretreatment
  • Touch display with an operating option for the entire system line
  • Online operation optional high-pressure pump (stainless steel V4A) → long service life