Innovative reverse osmosis technology

The Grünbeck osmoliQ reverse osmosis system

Functional and safe

The osmoliQ reverse osmosis system has an smart microprocessor control system with a 4.3" graphic touch panel. This provides you with all data at a glance: Among other things, the permeate recovery as well as the function of the softening or the anti-scalant pumps are permanently displayed. In addition, you can call up the water level of the pure water tank on the display. The main advantages offered by the Grünbeck osmoliQ system are optimised pump capacity and automatic adjustment of the motor speed. In addition, the system has Modbus RTU and a frequency-controlled high-pressure pump. An interconnection to common BUS systems is possible.

Prolonged service life by smooth operation

Reliable protection for your system - this is guaranteed by system-friendly operation. Thanks to a smooth start-up and shutdown of the high-pressure pump, pressure surges are avoided, the membrane elements are protected and their service life is considerably extended. For the value retention of your system.

Additional advantages at a glance:

  • Web link and emailing for 24-hour overview of the system data in real time
  • Non-contact flow measurement, thus wear-free
  • High-pressure pump (stainless steel V4A) for a long service life
  • System recovery of up to 80 % for less waste water
  • Energy saving up to 30 % through a high-efficiency motor
  • Different sizes with permeate outputs between 4,000 and 30,000 l/h, permeate output can be reduced by up to 20 % of the nominal output