Quality from your own sources

The Grünbeck ultraliQ ultrafiltration system

Smart Grünbeck technology for private water supply

Grünbeck renders your water supply particularly efficient. This is because the technology is based on prior water analysis and consultation. The most suitable technology is used, which is sustainable and energy-saving. It is so easy to do right by yourself and the environment. You use water everyday – for cooking, around the house and for body care. And you trust that the water quality always meets your standards for hygiene and safety. Grünbeck wants to make sure that it stays that way. Since we have been on the market, we committed ourselves to trendsetting ideas and smart technologies for the reliable pureness of water. As the well-being and the assets of the people deserve particular care.

Fields of application:

  • Isolated farms
  • Mountain lodges
  • Camp sites
  • Isolated homes
  • Forester’s lodges
  • Mountain restaurants

Purest drinking water for your health through ultrafiltration

The ultraliQ ultrafiltration system removes all undissolved contaminants from your water and reduces microbiological loads such as bacteria, viruses and parasites. This is ensured by the centrepiece of the system: the filter membranes with a separation limit of 0.02 μm. In order to then remove the filtered micro-organisms and particles from the filter membranes again, a fully automatic backwash takes place at freely adjustable time intervals.

For an optimum result, this backwash is carried out with filtered, pure water, which is stored in an integrated pressure vessel. The water flows through the membranes in the opposite direction. While pathogens are reliably removed, all dissolved natural minerals still remain in your drinking water. The ultraliQ ultrafiltration system thus provides you with healthy drinking water of the highest quality.

Ultrafiltration for drinking water that is pure without a second thought:

  • Reliable removal of undissolved contaminants and pathogens from drinking water.

  • Safe removal of filtered micro-organisms thanks to fully automatic backwashing

  • All dissolved natural minerals remain in the drinking water

  • Permanent supply of pure drinking water even during backwashing