Clever combination

The Grünbeck fermaliQ oxidation filter system

The fermaliQ oxidation filter system represents a multi-stage filter system for iron and manganese reduction. What is special about it is that several process stages are combined in one system.

Oxidation and filtration

Several process stages cleverly combined

First, odorous substances such as hydrogen sulphide or ammonium are effectively reduced thanks to the oxidation process. The outgassing of free carbonic acid raises the pH value at the same time. Subsequently, several filter layers ensure that iron and manganese, as well as other contaminants, are removed from the water. A fully automatic backwash, which has freely adjustable time intervals, then removes the accumulated particles from the filter layers.

For an optimum result, this backwash is carried out with filtered, pure water, which is stored in a downstream pressure vessel. Thus, first-class water quality is achieved for you as a self-supplier.


Multifunctional filter system for optimum water quality

  • Reliable reduction of odours, hydrogen sulphide and ammonium
  • Increase of pH value
  • Effective dirt filtration
  • Reduction of iron and manganese
  • Safe removal of all filtered contaminants thanks to fully automatic monitored backwashing
  • Closed filter tank for maximum hygiene and safety

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