Swimming pool technology

Forward-looking technology for great fun in the pool.

Nothing is more inviting for fun in the pool than crystal-clear water. However, crystal-clear water must be ensured. Grünbeck therefore supports its customers in the great challenge of keeping the hygiene standard of this water high. To this end, we already start with the planning and installation of swimming pool technology for private pools as well as for large public pools. Filter systems, disinfection systems and fully automatic measuring and control technology ensure that the water quality is permanently controlled and corrected and therefore remains at a high level. As such, swimming fun is never spoiled.


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Projects public swimming pools


It's all about exact dosing. And the finest filtration.

The trick is to get the dose right. Additives in the water are indispensable for large public swimming pools in order to offer swimmers the necessary hygiene and to comply with all regulations. If too many additives are used, costs rise unnecessarily and the swimmers' sense of well-being can suffer. If, on the other hand, too few additives are used in the water, hygiene problems can arise.

There is a very fine line between "too much" and "too little" in swimming pool technology. Therefore, the precise, constant measurement and regulation of values is required, e.g. chlorine content, pH and redox values, as well as bathing water temperature, to keep them at a level that is pleasant for swimmers and yet cost-effective. Grünbeck has developed standard-setting regulation and control technology for this purpose, which ensures the hygienically and economically sensible dosing of the required water additives.

Our filters are too fine for germs. Much too fine.

Besides dosing, water filtration is one of the most important tasks of water treatment in swimming pool technology. Here, for example, we rely on membrane systems for the ultra-fine filtration of swimming pool water. The filter pores have a diameter of less than 0.02 micrometres, which corresponds to one thousandth of the diameter of a human hair (approx. 50 micrometres).

The extremely fine pores stop bacteria just as reliably as viruses, ensuring that your swimming pool water also meets the highest hygiene standards. Grünbeck additionally offers technologies for water treatment for your swimming pool heating, as well as for water softening to extend the service life of your swimming pool technology. We ensure the cost-effective operation of swimming pool technology for our customers, as well as great swimming fun in hygienically perfect, clean water for our customers' customers.