Reliable disinfection

The Grünbeck dosing systems GENODOS DM-B/DM-BS

The dosing systems GENODOS DM-B/DM-BS control the flow-dependent dosing of GENO-Baktox. In this way, drinking and industrial water can be disinfected (GENODOS DM-B) or a sanitation disinfection can be carried out (GENODOS DM-BS). 

Dosing system GENODOS DM-B/DM-BS

Water disinfection with GENO-Baktox

In normal dosing, 0.2 mg/l ClO2 are added to the water, in sanitation dosing 2 mg/l ClO2. For constant drinking water quality, the contact water meter with pulse generator sets the cycle for the volume-dependent control unit of the dosing pump. The disinfecting solution is sucked directly from the disposable container via a suction lance. The GENODOS DM-B/BS dosing systems are available in four sizes with different flow rates.



  • Flow-dependent addition of GENO-Baktox (chlorine dioxide)
  • Nominal pressure: PN 8 bar
  • Nominal capacity with normal dosing: up to 30 m³/h (GENODOS DM-B)
  • Sanitation disinfection: up to 5.1 m³/h (GENODOS DM-BS)
  • Water/ambient temperature: 5-30 °C / 5-20 °C