Reliable disinfection

The Grünbeck dosing system GENODOS DM-BO

The GENODOS DM-BO dosing systems add GENO-Baktox to the water. This disinfects drinking and process water and sterilises pipelines, water storage tanks, filter systems, well and spring catchments. The recontamination rate also decreases.

Dosing system GENODOS DM-BO

Water disinfection with GENO-Baktox

GENO-Baktox is an alternative to common disinfectants when these fail (e.g. GENO-Chlor A at high pH values) or produce undesirable side effects (e.g. odour). The dosing system consists of a contact water meter and a dosing pump. This regulates the amount of GENO-Baktox added in proportion to the volume; up to 0.2 mg/l ClO2 for disinfection (normal dosage) is permissible. By means of a suction lance with integrated empty signal, the GENO-Baktox solution is sucked directly from the disposable container.



  • Flow-dependent addition of GENO-Baktox (chlorine dioxide)
  • “Plug-and-Play” dosing system
  • Blending module with integrated dosing valve
  • Online measurement of chlorine dioxide without loss of measuring water