Reliable disinfection

The Grünbeck dosing system GENODOS -T

The GENODOS DM-T dosing system controls the flow rate-dependent dosing of GENO-Chlor A to disinfect drinking and industrial water. 

Dosing system GENODOS DM-T

Water disinfection with GENO-Chlor A

For drinking water treatment, a dosing volume of 1.0 mg of free chlorine per litre of water was taken as a basis for the dimensioning. In the workflow, the contact water meter with pulse generator sets the cycle for the quantity-dependent control system of the dosing pump. Thanks to the volume-controlled dosing of the active agent, a constant drinking water quality can be ensured. The dosing medium is sucked directly from the disposable container via a suction lance. In the DM-T 80 and DM-T 100 dosing units, the dosing container is equipped with a suction hose, as well as an empty signal.



  • Dosing of GENO-Chlor A
  • Dosing pump GENODOS Type GP
  • Nominal pressure: PN 10 bar
  • Nominal capacity: up to 100 m³/h
  • Contact water meter with pulse cable
  • Dosing tank: 60 and 200 litres