Reliably fully demineralised water

The Grünbeck desaliQ:BA mixed bed cartridge


Full demineralisation of raw water of drinking water quality


Removal of residual salts from partially demineralised permeate originating from reverse osmosis systems


Suitable for every application thanks to a wide range of sizes


 High-quality stainless steel for a long service life and temperature resistance up to 80°C

Mixed bed cartridge desaliQ:BA - for the demineralisation of water

The desaliQ:BA mixed bed cartridge is a compact mixed bed ion exchanger system for the full demineralisation of water of drinking water quality or for the residual demineralisation of partially demineralised water. For example, for the initial filling or make-up water feed of heating systems. The stainless steel cartridge is filled with high-quality mixed bed resin which can be regenerated by Grünbeck's technical service/authorised service company or by an authorised specialist company. Thanks to the built-in opening system, the cartridge can be easily emptied. The mixed bed cartridge has an internal distribution system, plastic ring with carrying handles, plastic base and an oval clip-type cover for easy resin replacement, flow stabiliser and a vent valve. The desaliQ:BA is operated in an upright position only and can quickly be connected to the make-up water fitting by means of the desaliQ hose kit. Thanks to five different sizes and a water temperature resistance of up to 80 °C, with the desaliQ:BA you are perfectly equipped for any application. The nominal connection diameter is ¾", the maximum operating pressure is 10 bar.



  • Mixed bed ion exchanger
  • Demineralisation of water or residual demineralisation of partially demineralised water
  • Oval clip-type lid for easy resin exchange
  • Stainless steel exchanger tank
  • Installation in upright position only

A cartridge with multiple application options

The desaliQ:BA can also be used for the secondary treatment of permeate if required. It is also particularly suited in case of special requirements associated with the environment. Thanks to its material composition of high-quality stainless steel, the mixed bed cartridge is not only very robust, but is also particularly recommended for use in sensitive hygiene areas. The combination with other Grünbeck products is possible without any problem. You will find the appropriate system for every need.

Technical specifications

Mixed bed cartridge desaliQ:BA6
Nominal connection diameter 3/4"
Capacity < 10 [μS/cm x m³] 215
Capacity < 50 [μS/cm x m³] 340
Nominal flow [m³/h] 0.6
Shipping weight [kg] 12
Order no. 707 450