Demand-based filling

The Grünbeck desaliQ:HB filling cartridges

DesaliQ:HB filling cartridges - make-up water feed according to your needs.

The desaliQ:HB filling cartridges are easy-to-handle full demineralisation cartridges based on mixed bed resin providing fully demineralised water in the blink of an eye.  The filling cartridges are designed for the initial filling and make-up water feed of your heating system with fully demineralised water. Depending on the size of your heating system, you have two options:

The desaliQ:HB2 is particularly designed for small to medium-sized heating systems. The filling cartridge can conveniently and directly be connected to the treatment group thermaliQ:HB2. The treatment group’s white plastic cylinder safely and reliably encloses the cartridge.

We at Grünbeck also think of you. This is why the filling cartridge desaliQ:HB2 is included in the scope of supply of both the treatment group thermaliQ:HB2 as well as the filling section thermaliQ:FB2. Prior to start-up, it only needs to be fastened in the plastic cylinder. For make-up water feed, you can also order the filling cartridge separately, however.

The desaliQ:HB4 is designed for larger heating systems. By way of the desaliQ bottle adapter included in the scope of supply, the desaliQ:HB4 is directly connected to the GENO-therm filling devices and connection blocks. In order to support you in your work as best as we can, we naturally also ensure compatibility with our other products. For connection to the treatment group thermaliQ:HB2, only the desaliQ connection adapter is required additionally. The desaliQ:HB4 does not require the additional protection provided by the plastic cylinder of the treatment group. It is made of plastic itself and thus can withstand high pressure (up to 6 bar) on its own.


  • Plastic housing
  • Resin filling
  • Use of the filling cartridge desaliQ:HB2 in combination with the cylinder of the treatment group.

Technical specifications

desaliQ Inline control module
Nominal connection diameter [DN] 3/4"
Power supply [V] 230
Nominal pressure [PN] 6
Nominal flow [m³/h] 0.9
Weight [kg] 9.3
Max. water temperature [°C] 80
Order no. 707000030000