Get heating water efficiently

The Grünbeck desaliQ:MB mixed bed cartridge


cliQ-type lock for easy opening and closing of the mixed bed cartridge


Optimised flow for high filling capacity and optimum demi water capacity

Temperature resistant

desaliQ:MB up to 65 °C and 4 bar max. operating pressure temperature-resistant


Flexible: desaliQ:MB - ideal for circulation water treatment and filtration, even during heating operation

Quick as a flash

Resin portioned in a bag for a resin replacement in a matter of seconds - without any loose resin and dirt, even during the sanitation of heating systems

Get to pure heating water easily and efficiently

The desaliQ:MB9 mixed bed cartridge is filled with two desaliQ resin bags as standard. Within the desaliQ:MB9 a smart, interior distribution system ensures that the water steadily flows through the desaliQ resin bag from bottom to top. The fully demineralised water is directed to the tank outlet via a collection element at the tank cover in the heating circuit.

Intuitive handling

Thanks to the conductivity meter integrated in the cliQ lock, the remaining capacity of the special mixed bed resin can reliably be monitored. The sturdy plastic body and its low dead weight make filling the heating system even easier now.


An unbeatable combination

very easy and convenient

The desaliQ Inline filter module is used in the mixed bed cartridge desaliQ:MB in combination with the desaliQ resin bag, thus allowing simultaneous filtration and full demineralisation of the circulation water. Thanks to the large filter surface, impurities are not only reliably removed, but the module can also be used over a long period of time.


Heating water treatment in mini format

The new desaliQ:MB5 mixed bed cartridge for initial filling, make-up water feed and sanitation

Either a resin bag for full demineralisation or a desaliQ Inline filter module for filtration of the heating water can be inserted into the desaliQ:MB5.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Versatile and flexible: Whether initial filling, make-up water feed or sanitation, the mixed bed cartridge desaliQ:MB5 can be used in a variety of ways for full demineralisation or filtration.
  • Compatible: Use proven Grünbeck accessories: desaliQ resin bag or desaliQ Inline filter module. Both products can also be used for the desaliQ:MB9 mixed bed cartridge.
  • Convenient for both the installer and the customer: The heat resistance of the cartridge and accessories enables a heating water treatment during heating operation. This means that it can be used all year round.
  • Ready for use immediately: The desaliQ:MB5 mixed bed cartridge is delivered filled with a desaliQ resin bag as standard.
  • Small and light: With its low weight and a height of 35 cm, the desaliQ:MB5 is easy to transport and can be easily stowed in any car.

Highly pure water for carefree purity in the heating circuit. When it comes to the initial filling or make-up water feed of heating systems it is crucial to use fully demineralised water treated in an optimum way. This protects pipes, prevents malfunctions, saves heating costs and is “environmentally friendly”.


The desaliQ:MB mixed-bed cartridges are designed to produce ultra-pure water and can be used in the following sectors:

  • Full demineralisation of raw water of drinking water quality
  • Full demineralisation during heating operation at max. 4 bar and 65 °C


A smart, interior distribution system makes sure that the water steadily flows through the desaliQ resin bag from bottom to top. The fully demineralised water is directed to the tank outlet via a collection element at the tank cover. Temperature resistance pays off: The treatment and sanitation of the heating water is possible with the desaliQ:MB even during ongoing heating operation!

Technical specifications

Nominal connection diameter 3/4" 3/4"
Resin bag with 6 litres 2 1
Capacity < 10 [μS/cm x m³] 320 135
Capacity < 50 [μS/cm x m³] 510 242
Nominal flow [m³/h] 0.9 0.5
Shipping weight [kg] 17 10
Max. water temperature [°C] 65 65
Order no. 707455000000 707000060000