The Grünbeck mobile reverse osmosis system AVRO-flex 400

The Grünbeck partial flow filter GENO-VARIO 3000

The AVRO-flex 400 mobile reverse osmosis unit is used for the direct filling of heating systems, district heating networks and other systems with low-salt water. Thanks to the patented AVRO process, no pre-treatment by means of a water softener or anti-scaling dosing is necessary. Nevertheless, with the help of the innovative operation method, the membranes used achieve a long service life with a high economic yield. 

AVRO-flex 400

Mobile reverse osmosis system - Direct filling of heating systems.

The system is divided into two simple operating modes by a selector switch. In filling mode, the system switches off automatically after reaching a certain back pressure. In the case of unique workshop operation, thanks to regular flushing, no time-consuming preservation work of the system is necessary during downtimes.

The mobile reverse osmosis system AVRO-flex 400 works according to the reverse osmosis principle. In the osmosis process, watery solutions of different concentrations are separated by a semi-permeable membrane. In keeping with the law of nature, the concentrations will tend to equalise. What is referred to as "osmotic pressure" is generated on the side of the higher original concentration. In case of reverse osmosis, this osmotic pressure is countered by a higher pressure. The consequence: The process runs in the opposite direction. A particular advantage of reverse osmosis technology compared to other water treatment processes is the fact that apart from the removal of dissolved salts, bacteria, germs, particles, and dissolved organic substances are also reduced.



  • Mobile reverse osmosis system
  • Direct filling of heating systems with low-salt water
  • Patented AVRO process
  • Choice of filling or workshop operation

Technical specifications

Mobile reverse osmosis system AVRO-flex 400
Nominal connection diameter ¾" (DN 20) male thread and GEKA coupling
Permeate output at 10 / 15 °C [l / h] 340 / 400
Electrical connected load [kW] 1.8
Operating weight approx. [kg] 80
Dimensions (w x h x d) [mm] 700 x 1,450 x 600
Order no. 752250