Excellent circulation water always

The Grünbeck partial flow filter GENO-VARIO 3000

The GENO-VARIO 3000 partial flow filter continuously improves the circuit water of closed heating and cooling networks. To compensate for water losses (small leaks, repair measures), GENO-VARIO 3000 feeds treated raw water back into the circuit. 

Partial flow filter GENO-VARIO 3000

Excellent circulation water always

For treatment the sand filter stage first of all removes all insoluble elements such as scale, rust or dirt particles. Then, the ion exchanger system installed downstream completely softens the water This generates a water quality complying with the applicable guidelines VDI 2035 and AGFW 510 (VdTÜV 1466) without the need for a replacement of the system content. Triggering is manual via the fully automatic control electronics. The fully automatic control electronics monitors all functions such as, for instance, the backwash of the gravel filter unit following the measurement of the differential pressure and the regeneration of the softener module. Consequently, during the entire cleaning cycle, neither the filter material nor the ion exchanger resin needs to be replaced and the operating costs and the maintenance efforts are reduced.



  • Removal of rust and dirt
  • Softening
  • Automatic backwash and regeneration
  • No replacement of filter material required
  • Make-up water is treated at the same time
  • Manual make-up water feed

Technical specifications

Partial flow filter
GENO-VARIO 3000 Stand-alone device mobile device
Nominal connection diameter [DN] 25 male thread 25 male thread
Nominal flow [m³/h] 2.5 2.5
Max. water/ambient temperature [°C] 80/40 80/40
Min./max. operating pressure of raw water [bar] 3/8 3/8
Operating pressure of min./max. system circuit [bar] 2/6 2/6
Nominal capacity softening [m3 x °dH] (mol) 150 (26.8) 150 (26.8)
Regeneration salt supply [kg] 50 50
Order no. 707500 707500.10